The Little Prince Paper Piyon Project

Paper Piyon

The imagination of a child is as creative as being able to see a goat eat a snake, or to see a sheep inside a box. Even as we grow older, we are still those who can see the sheep inside the box. For us, the edge of a carpet can be a road and a pot lid can be a steering wheel. Our favorite coffee is the one we used to play with when we were kids, and the one we served to you. As those who do not want children's dreams to be limited, we are starting a new project.

With technology advancing so much, there is a generation that is growing up and recognizing nature, animals, and plants through touch screens, without actually getting to know them. But first, it is necessary to know nature, and that is what we believe. We plan to prioritize this in this project.

I don't think there is any elderly who has seen the new toys and did not say, "Wow, what has been made?" We, industrial designers, make those toys. However, does the realism of everything and the lack of any unplanned spaces not limit children's creativity? As designers, we believe that certain spaces need to be recognized for children to be able to put their own creativity. All it takes is a hint to start for a child. I'm sure they will do a better job than us. Besides, the prices of these toys are quite high. Many families can't afford to buy these toys for their children, or can't afford enough. In this project, we wanted to give the child an area of freedom, and then make it accessible. With these desires in mind, we are proud and happy to start the Paper Piyon project.

Atahan Göktürk Güner
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